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The Centre for Education of Youth KANA is an organization which conducts its activities for public advantage. The organization is professionally focused on the education of youth, employing advanced methods and tools relevant to the mindset of today's young people.


KANA - although initiated by the Catholic Church - is not a religious organization. We remain open to every young person, regardless of their origin, religious orientation or material status.

We particularly direct our activities to young people from low income families, who are neglected or affected by unemployment. Our aim is to create opportunities for a better life and prevent social pathologies.

We also focus our attention on the physically disabled, who are often isolated from the community and social life.

Particular emphasis is placed on the quality of staff, educators and the modern tools - computers and audio-visual equipment. In our efforts we are open for co-operation with all the institutions who are focused on the well-being of youth.

All the activities that KANA offers to the unemployed, disabled and low income youth are delivered free of charge.


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