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'Virtual Incubator of Social Economy - a functional model within a network of collaboration' is a project funded by European Social Fund within the framework of Community Initiative "EQUAL".

Community Initiative "EQUAL" is one of the instruments, which are applied by EU to improve situation on the labour marker. Projects which are implemented within the framework of IW EQUAL are mainly innovative ones and aim at devising and testing fresh non-standard methods of combating all forms of discrimination and inequality on the labour market. When the devised methods work well, further activities are undertaken to promote them and include into procedures applied by agencies and other institutions operating on the labour market.

Supporting procedures applied by WISP will be tested thanks to new social associations, which have been set up and operate in various business lines. The process has been named as a pilot project and it determines a set of activities necessary to set up a successfully operating association, which will be effective after the end of the project, as well. Cost of the project amounts to 5 643 951,00 PN.


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